Adjunct Faculty

Thomas Augspurger, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ecologist/Environmental Contaminants Specialist
US Fish and Wildlife Service
phone: 919-856-4520 ext. 21

Kevin M. Crofton, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor
Toxicologist, Neurotoxicology Division, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory , US EPA
phone: 919-541-2672 fax: 919-541-4849 website

Helen Cunny, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Toxicologist, Toxicology Operations Branch, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-5717 fax: 919-541-3687 website

Thomas E. Eling, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor
Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-3911 fax: 919-541-0146 website

Joyce A. Goldstein, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Pharmacology, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-4495 fax: 919-541-4107 website

L. Earl Gray, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Research Biologist and Team Leader
Abnormal Development Team
Reproductive Toxicology Division, US EPA
phone: 919-541-7750 website

William F. Greenlee, PhD

Adjunct Professor
President and CEO and Interim Vice-President of Research
The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences
phone: 919-558-1203 fax: 919-558-1400 website

Jane Hoppin, ScD

Adjunct Professor
Staff Scientist, Epidemiology Branch, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-7622 fax: 919-541-2511 website

Kenneth S. Korach, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Principal Investigator
Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-3512 fax: 919-541-0696 website

Robert Langenbach, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Principal Investigator, Metabolism & Molecular Mechanisms Group, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-7558 fax: 919-541-1460 website

Ricky Langley. M.D., M.P.H.

Adjunct Professor
Public Health Physician II
Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology, DHHS
phone: 919-707-5900

B. Alex Merrick, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor
Staff Scientist, Laboratory of Respiratory Biology, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-1531 fax: 919-541-4704 website

Julian Preston, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor
Associate Director for Health, National Health and Environmental Effects Research, EPA
phone: 919-541-0276 fax: 919-541-0694 website

Mary J. Selgrade, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Technical Director, ICF International
phone: 919-293-1658 website

Vickie Wilson, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Chief, Reproductive Toxicology Branch
National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, US EPA
phone: 919-541-3559 website

Darryl C. Zeldin, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor
Scientific Director and Principal Investigator
Intramural Research Division, NIEHS
phone: 919-541-3235 fax: 919-541-4571 website