Gerald A. LeBlanc Named New Department Head of Biological Sciences

Dr. Gerald LeBlanc, a prominent toxicologist who has been on the NC State faculty for close to three decades, has been named the new head of the university’s Department of Biological Sciences. He assumed his new role on January 11.

LeBlanc has been with NC State since 1989 and is currently a professor in the department. His leadership experience includes serving as director of the Toxicology Program and as interim Biological Sciences department head.

As head of the department, LeBlanc oversees academic, administrative and budgetary matters for more than 1,800 students and 165 faculty, staff and postdoctoral researchers — one of the largest academic departments at NC State. The department, which combines people and programs in biology, genetics, microbiology and toxicology, was created in 2013 to boost interdisciplinary educational opportunities and research collaborations both within the biological sciences and at the discipline’s intersections with the physical, mathematical and earth-system sciences.