History of Toxicology at NC State University

1964 NIH Program Grant awarded; continuously funded for 32 years
1964 Interdepartmental Program in Toxicology at NCSU established
1965 NIH Training Grant awarded; one of the longest continuously funded
NIEHS training grants in the country
1979 Responsibility for graduate degrees in toxicology awarded (Master of
Toxicology, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy)
1979 First PhD in toxicology granted
1980 Introduction to Biochemical Toxicology , 1st edition, edited by Ernest Hodgson and Frank Guthrie, published by Elsevier. Now in 5th edition, edited by Robert Smart and Ernest Hodgson, (John Wiley and Sons).
1986 First toxicology faculty member, Dr. Robert Smart, hired into the Toxicology Program
1987 A Textbook of Modern Toxicology, edited by Ernest Hodgson and Pat Levi, published by Elsevier. Now in 3rd edition, edited by Ernest Hodgson, published 2004 by John Wiley and Sons.
1988 Robert Smart is named Director of Graduate Programs
1989 Dr. Gerald LeBlanc joins faculty
1989 Department of Toxicology established; founding core faculty include Drs. Walter Dauterman, Ernest Hodgson, Frank Guthrie, Gerald LeBlanc, Ross Leidy, Patricia Levi, Jack Sheets and Robert Smart; founding associate faculty include Drs. K. Adler, A. Aronson, C. Brownie, C.F. Brownie, R. Cattley, J. Cullen, W. Donaldson, D. Grosch, P. Hamilton, H. Hassan, D. Hayne, W. Heck, R. Kuhr, R. Linderman, W. McKenzie, R. Monroe, N. Monteiro-Riviere, D. Moreland, M. Qureshi, J. Riviere, C. Robinette; founding adjunct faculty include: M. Anderson, N. Chernoff, T. Eling, J. Fouts, P. James, J. Goldstein, R. Langenbach, H. Matthews, R. Philpot, B. Schwetz, R Yang
1990 Degrees awarded to date: PhD: 44, MS: 16; MTOX: 2
1990 Dr. Mary Beth Genter joins faculty; Extension program in toxicology established
1992 Dr. Sharon Meyer joins faculty
1993 Drs. Damian Shea and Randy Rose join faculty
1994 Julia Storm joins Extension faculty
1995 Dr. Stacy Branch joins faculty
1996 Rob Smart becomes Director of Molecular and Cellular Toxiciology Graduate Study Option
1997 Dr. Greg Cope joins faculty
1997 Dr. Gary Winston appointed Department Head
1998 EPA Cooperative Training in Environmental Sciences Research grant funded
1999 Dr. Hosni Hassan appointed Interim Department Head
2000 Degrees awarded to date: PhD: 98, MS: 29; MTOX: 7
2000 Graduate study concentrations in Environmental Toxicology and Molecular and Cellular Toxicology offered
2000 Name changed to Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2000 Dr. Patricia McClellan-Green joins faculty
2000 Groundbreaking of Toxicology Building on Centennial Campus
2001 Toxicology Building on Centennial Campus opens
2001 Dr. Yoshi Tsuji joins faculty
2002 Dr. Damian Shea appointed Department Head
2002 Drs. Chris Hofelt, Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji and Marjorie Oleksiak join faculty
2003 Undergraduate minor in environmental toxicology established
2003 Dr. Andrew Wallace joins faculty
2003 Dr. Ernest Hodgson, Founding Department Head, retires
2004 First undergraduate minor in environmental toxicology awarded
2005 Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory established; Dr. Nigel Deighton appointed Director
2005 Dr. David Buchwalter joins faculty
2007 Randy L. Rose Memorial Symposium held to honor Rose’s life and contribution to science
2007 Drs. James Bonner, Seth Kullman and Scott McCulloch join the faculty
2008 Degrees awarded to date: PhD: 142, MS: 38; MTOX: 25
2008 Dr. Gerald LeBlanc appointed Department Head
2008 Genome Research Laboratory and Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory merged to form Genomic Sciences Laboratory; Dr. Nigel Deighton appointed Director
2013 The College of Sciences (COS) is formed along with the Department of Biological Sciences within COS. Toxicology becomes interdisciplinary graduate program.
2014 Dr. Emilie Rissman appointed Head of the Department of Biological Sciences
2015 Dr. James Bonner appointed Director of Graduate Programs
2016 Dr. Gerald LeBlanc appointed Department Head of Biological Sciences
2018 Dr. Carolyn Mattingly appointed Interim Department Head of Biological Sciences
2018 Dr. Seth Kullman appointed Director of Graduate Programs, Toxicology