Congratulations to our 2016 Graduates


Alexander Bogdan, PhD Advisor: Yoshiaki Tsuji  Thesis Title: Revisiting the iron-mediated degradation mechanisms of Transferrin Receptor 1 mRNA

Charisse Holmes, PhD  Advisor: Gerald LeBlanc  Thesis Title:  Influence of environmental chemicals on regulatory processes that control lipid homeostasis

Elizabeth Medlock Kakaley, PhD Advisor: Gerald LeBlanc  Thesis Title:  Characterization of early events in the activation of the methyl farnesoate receptor

Melissa Pickett, PhD  Advisor: Nanette Nascone-Yoder  Thesis Title:  A Novel Non-reuronal Function of Acetylcholinesterase during the Development of the Intestine

Hann Tam, PhD  Advisor:  Robert Smart  Thesis Title: Overcoming the dominant negative effect of mutant p53 in p53+/R172H mice


Jessica Hoane, MR  Advisor: James Bonner

Ryan Lougee, MR  Advisor: James Bonner