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Latest Past Events

Toxicology Seminar with Dr. Yu-Ying He

Toxicology Auditorium 2104

Talk Title: "RNA methylatation in stress response and environmental carcinogenesis" Bio: Yu-Ying He is currently a Professor of Medicine with Tenure at the University of Chicago. She received her PhD in Chemistry in 2000 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China. Then she was awarded the Humboldt Research Fellowship and worked with Dr. Donat-P.…

Toxicology Seminar with Dr. Georg Wondrak

Toxicology Auditorium 2104

Talk Title: "The expanding skin redox exposome: From environmental stressors to skin cancer prevention" Bio: Dr. Georg Wondrak’s research examines the pathological role of oxidative stress in solar photodamage and skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma) aiming at the design of novel molecular strategies for redox-directed prevention and therapeutic intervention, investigations with potential relevance to other…