Graduate Program

Graduate study in toxicology in the Toxicology Program at North Carolina State University leads to the Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD), Master of Science (MS), and non-thesis Master of Toxicology (MTox) degrees.   The program provides a comprehensive course work and research training to prepare prospective toxicologists/environmental health scientists for careers in academia, government, and industry.  Research spans an array of topics ranging from the molecular to population level consequences of toxicant exposure. A common research theme involves the elucidation of toxicant induced alterations in cell signaling and resultant changes in gene expression as it relates to toxicity at the cellular, organ and organism level.   Some specific research areas include: endocrine disruption, trace metal bioaccumulation and detoxification, oxidative stress/gene regulation/cell toxicity, asthma and lung fibrosis, cancer and mutagenesis, ecotoxicology,  developmental abnormalities, chemical exposure assessment and analytical toxicology.  Model systems/organisms utilized include cultured cells, genetically engineered mice and non-mammalian model systems such Medaka, zebrafish and daphnids as well as field-collected invertebrate and fish.

We offer students a comprehensive program of course work and research opportunities that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of toxicology. Students benefit from a well-coordinated program and will be able to draw upon the resources of other departments within NC State University and nearby institutions in the Research Triangle Park. A major goal of our faculty is to provide our students with the best possible training towards an independent career in toxicology/environmental health science. A synergistic mix of toxicological specialties among the faculty enables us to provide our students with the rich and diverse learning environment for which we are so well regarded. Many PhD students are provided traineeships through the NIEHS training grant, Molecular Pathways to Pathogenesis in Toxicology.

Graduates of the Toxicology program go on to successful careers in academia, industry and government. Visit the Alumni section of our web to learn more about our graduates and possibilities for careers in toxicology.